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What is Academus?

If you're a student like us, you're likely dreading the app you use to check your grades. It's slow, has bad design, and just doesn't work that well. Academus aims to change that — we integrate with the services your school already uses it and composes it into a beautiful, intuitive UI that you'll actually want to use.

A diagram showing how Academus works

I'm a student. Why should I use Academus?

School life is fragmented. For grades, you might go to StudentVUE, but for test scores you might need to go to Illumninate, and for communication you'll need to go to Remind, and for resources you need to use... you get it, right? There's too many places to go based on what you want.

Academus will integrate all of these systems for you so you only need one place to go for everything. Need to check your grade in AP Psych? Use Academus. Need to contact a teacher? Use Academus. Want to know when your next club meeting is? Use Academus.

The unique thing about Academus is that it requires absolutely zero action on your school's part for it to work; we already have pre-existing integrations with systems like Synergy, so all you need to do is log in once with the services your school uses, and we'll take care of the rest.

I'm a school/district administrator. Why should I get Academus for my students?

Academus offers bulk license discounts for districts or schools looking to purchase licenses for their students. Some benefits of a district license include:

  • Pre-integration with all your current systems
  • Facilitate clubs and groups for students
  • See what your students are up to, and send them announcements

Academus is a system built for students and the constantly mobile lifestyle they pursue. Students will actually want to use Academus since it is mobile-friendly.

When can I use it?

If your school uses StudentVUE or PowerSchool, you can get it right now for Android or iOS.

If your school district does not use StudentVUE or PowerSchool, let us know and we'll do our best to add it.