So, what is Academus anyway?

Take this quick tour to find out.

Activity Feed

Stay on top of things relevant to you.

The activity feed shows stuff that you care about — posted assignments, grade changes, and more. It's the first thing you see when you open the app and is the easiest way to get caught up.

No more manually searching through your grades and assignments to see what's changed!

GPA Calculator

Know your GPA at any time.

Instead of waiting for your report card to come in or calculating your GPA manually, Academus will always show your current GPA intelligently accounting for course weights.

Put away that calculator! We've got you covered.

Grade History

See how your grade evolves over time.

Take a look at how your grade has changed over time both visually with a graph and in-depth with each grade change shown in a list.

By default, you get up to 2 weeks of grade history, but Academus Scholar users are able to see how their grade changed throughout the entire year.

Class Statistics

How do you stack up against classmates?

View useful statistics about each of your classes — what's the highest grade? The lowest? How are you doing compared to others?

Academus Scholar users will soon get even more statistics such as their percentile in the class.

Academus Chat

Stay in touch with your peers.

A group chat is automatically created for each of your classes with Academus Chat. Everyone in that class is automatically added, and anyone can speak!

No more creating Snapchat groups for all of your classes, only to find that someone else already made one.